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  • مفاهيم جديدة في العلاقات العامة /
  • الاتصال والإعلام التسويقي /
  • الإعلام والمجتمع /
  • الدعاية والإعلام /
  • الإذاعة ودورها في الوعي الأمني/
  • الإعلام السياحي :
  • العلاقات العامة والإدارة العليا /
  • الإعلام الصحي /
  • الإعلان التلفزيوني وتأثيره في الجمهور /
  • الإعلام البيئي /

::: الآن : يمكنك الدخول على قواعد البيانات العالمية من المنزل
تم تفعيل خدمة الدخول على جميع قواعد البيانات العالمية من المنزل باستخدام كود المستخدم وكلمة السر التي تم الحصول عليها من مكتبات الجامعة.

ولضبط المتصفح ليعمل مع هذه الخدمة من المنزل:

في حالة استخدام خدمة ال DSL:

يمكنك النقر على هذا الرابط لضبط الاعدادات بشكل تلقائي DSL ثم Run ثم Yes ثم Ok

او قم بالذهاب إلى قائمة tools ثم internet Options ثم من تبويب Connections نضغط الزر Lan Settings
ومن النافذة الجديده نضع علامة صح أمام ثاني مربع وهو
Use automatic configuration script
كما في هذه الصورة.

في حالة استخدام ال USB Modem :

قم بالذهاب إلى قائمة tools ثم internet Options ثم من تبويب Connections و من مربع ال Dial-up نختار مزود الخدمة الذي نستخدمه للدخول على الانترنت ثم نضغط الزر Settings ومن النافذة الجديده نضع علامة صح بجانب ثاني مربع
Use automatic configuration script
كما في هذه الصورة.

ملحوظة: الضبط الحالي للبروكسي لا يوقف خدمة تصفح الانترنت العادي و لكن يؤثر فقط عند الدخول على مواقع قواعد البيانات العالمية حيث تظهر شاشة جديدة مثل شاشة الدخول على الويندوز تطلب كود المستخدم و كلمة السر الخاصة ببيانات الاستعارة.
من الاخطاء الشائعه في ضبط البروكسي هي عدم كتابة http:// من ضمن العنوان الخاص بالبروكسي او ترك مسافة اولية فارغة.

عند استخدام الفايرفوكس Mozilla Firefox

من قائمة Tools نختار “Advanced” و من تبويب Network
نضع علامة صح بجانب
Automatic proxy configuration
Automatic proxy configuration URL: http://library.ku.edu.bh/kuProxy
ثم انقر على Reload ثم OK
::: KU Library Site
Kingdom University Library site provides you
• Current Awareness Service-the users will get the information on latest library acquisitions
• Thesis & Dissertation for researchers
• Research works of faculty members of the Kingdom University
• E-journals of the KU library
• Access to communicate with the libraries of the world in order to understand latest publications
• Access to Open Access journals
• Access to 1778 video lectures in different fields of study
::: KU Library
Library Collections
The KUL consists of approximately 7000 volumes of printed books in Arts, Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, and Business Management, Marketing Management, Accounting & Finance, Banking, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science, Architecture and Law. It receives 500-600 materials to its collection annually. The required information materials have been purchased especially on recommendations of academic staff.
The KUL has Permanent Reference Collection (PRC) which consists of ready reference sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, government Gazettes, important text books. The Kingdom University operates a separate Book Shop for selling text books for the students.
The KUL’s collection consists of considerable amount of journals titles of Architecture, Law, Strategic Studies, and Education etc. The copies of journals are not available for lending. However, the students can obtain the copy of journal for photocopying (subject to copyright laws).
Online Databases
• Emerald is a multi-disciplinary database that covers journals in many different subjects which include Engineering, General Management, Human Resources, Information Management, Library and Information Services, Marketing, Operations, Production and Economics, Property Management, Quality Management, Training and Education.

Emerald database is useful for the students and staff involved with management related studies and technological issues. This Database consists of references from 1989 onwards and full-text articles from 1994. The Emerald Database can be browsed on and off campus. The KU users are requested to login to library user account using their username and password to access the database. To access the database you have to go to library home page and click on emerald database.

• The KUL has subscribed to the Encyclopedia of Law that allows the users to access more than 4000 periodicals.
Open Access Journals
• Open Access journals are electronic journals which are freely accessible and also has relatively few or no restriction on reuse. These journals and databases are used for the information needs of the users. It is the simplest way where public may access the journals or databases in full content. Open Access journals and databases have become established information resources. You can access these journals in the “top journals “list.

• The Library users, especially new students receive an induction session on the above electronic resources at the start of new academic year and on request.
::: Lending Policy
Academic Staff
Type of Faculty Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Permanent Academic Staff 12 Per Semester
Visiting Academic Staff 03 Per Semester
Administrative Staff
Type of Staff Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Administrative Staff 03 1 month
Type of Degree Borrowing Limit (At a time) Duration
Associate Diploma 2 05 Days
Bachelors 2 10 Days
Postgraduate 3 14 Days

Renewal of Books
• Books can be renewed once by calling 13302806 to the Library specialist at the Circulation Desk during Open Hours or the borrower may come to library for renewal.

Recall of Books
The Librarian has right to recall the books issued if required
Borrowing Rules
• Students must produce their identity card in order to borrow the material from the library
• Books of Permanent reference type will be given only for photocopying purposes

Overdue Fines
• Reminders will be sent for over dues;
• Overdue fines will not be charged
• Reminders may be sent before two days
• A fine of 200 fils per day will be imposed in respect of each book that is returned late.
Damage & Loss of Books
• The borrower will be held the responsible for the book and fined for any damages caused.

• The borrower will be liable to bring the replacement copy of the same edition or latest edition or the full cost of the replacement of the book (current price) plus 30% as administrative expenses if it is damaged or lost.

• The borrower should return the books before the end of the semester at least two weeks.

• Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from benefiting the library services and the signature of the borrower in the loan register will be considered as his acceptance of the rules of borrowing.
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